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i love technology, but not as much as you, you see…

October 23, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks of the debate debacles, it has become a bit obvious that the anonymity of facebook and twitter has allowed some people to forget basic manners, like speaking to one another kindly. In this season of divisive political talk and fractious relationships around the world, this video gave me some hope that there is a growing community out there of like-minded people who are tired of the talk of war and violence, who are hopeful for a world that is defined by connectedness and interdependence. Take a couple of minutes to watch this great piece (which does have spelling errors in Arabic that I picked out….)



I love that we are being reminded of our shared humanity through something as impersonal as internet technology. The fact that we can tweet with Egyptians in Tahrir Square who are still pursuing freedom and justice for their land is incredible. Or the fact that Iranians and Israelis are communicating through facebook, saying that they don’t want war…dang…that’s revolutionary.

As we continue to explore what this new technological world looks like, let’s decide that we will not let it turn us into anonymous youtube commenting pariahs, but that we will use it to remind us of the beautiful world that we live in, and let it connect us to our fellow human beings around the world, with whom we share so much.

What are some of the online tools/sites that remind you of the beauty of humanity?

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