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take your place…

March 26, 2012

I traveled to D.C. a couple of months ago and stayed with my lovely friend Heather (whose incredible photos of Afghanistan you can see here).  She and I have a lot in common, from what we think about God and church, to how we vote, to how we love Muslims and people different from us.  She inspires me.  She fills her life with people that she loves and things that make her happy and give her strength.  Written on a long sheet of parchment paper and hung on her bathroom door is this:

Today your life will move. Now is when you can choose the direction.

Your actions will result in consequences. The specific actions you choose to take will determine exactly what those consequences will be.

Though many events and circumstances come your way, life does not happen to you. Rather, the substance of your life happens through you, because you determine how to respond to those events and circumstances.

Your true priorities are not the ones you merely talk about or admire, but are the ones you actually follow and sustain from one moment to the next. Your life will go precisely where those authentic priorities take you.

In every waking moment of every day, you are accomplishing things and making a difference in your world. Whatever you most consistently focus your thoughts and actions upon, you will create.

In each small moment, you have the authority because you can intentionally direct the energy of your life. Choose wisely, with love, faithful to your purpose, and know the fulfillment that God intends for you because you are God’s beloved.

I remembered this the other day as Gil and I were talking about freedom in our lives to choose for ourselves how we want to shape who we are and what we become and how we influence and change the world around us.  I asked her to send it to me so that I could place these words somewhere that I will be reminded each day of my agency and ability to make things different.  I wondered if she had written this or if she had received it from someone else, and she told me the latter was correct.  So I feel the freedom to pass it on to you 🙂

So here it is for all those who want to take it and use it as a reminder of the beauty and creativity and authority that resides within you.  Power to make a difference.  Strength to change what needs to be changed.  Energy to make a new choice and break an old habit.  Because we are his children, created in his image with the ability to do as he did…even greater things, he said.  So remember who you are.  Take your place in history.

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